During this hunt, teams had the ability to use XP crystals to level up their party members in other to unlock cutscenes and Guardian puzzles.

Alessia: Level 6
Luka: Level 8 Tamas: Level 8 XP Crystals: 0

* * * Prologue * * *
Blitzball Stadium
Cid's Airship
Dark Cavern
Hidden Nest
Hippocampi Reef
Jagged Crags
Mobile Cafe
Mountain Pass
Secret Garden
Starry Valley
Vine Garden

Cutscenes and Guardian Locations

Alessia's cutscene
Abaddon Abyss
Luka's cutscene
Overlooking Outcrop
Tamas' cutscene
Sparkling Summit
Battle cutscene
Rimy Ravine
Isolated Islands
Drafty Dome
Sylas' Mountain Crypt